Limits in the Key of 50Hz

(Industrial Decay)

Limits in the Key of 50 Hz (Industrial Decay) by Spiral Net (written by Andrew Charman-Williams) is a piece composed with certain guidelines in place. It takes influences from ambient, downtempo, minimalism and other styles and has elements of an industrial feel to it. It is not in standard western equal temperament tuning but in a scale based on 50 Hz which is between G and Ab and is the frequency of electricity in Australia.

It was created from one single, fairly short sound sample with the additional limitations of the sample only being able to be modified by stretching, shrinking, reversing or trimming the sample and by the use of EQ. The sounds are tuned to a harmonic series based on a 50Hz fundamental with all harmonic series notes up to 1600 Hz. Following on from those limits means no synthesizer or other sound source was used with it just being direct manipulation of the sound sample.