Since Andrew Charman-Williams retired from his job at the University of Tasmania where he worked for nearly 32 years he has been able to spend more time playing music. Andrew is a keen amateur musician who plays bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele and other instruments. Among various other interests he enjoys collecting instruments, primarily stringed instruments. Also on this site is some of his poetry.

As well as many of them being available from the Music section of this site you can find the music videos of Spiral Net at https://www.youtube.com/@spiralnet or the music videos of Andrew Charman-Williams at https://www.youtube.com/@andrewcharman-williams or a selection of both at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082521321730 . Some audio only is available at https://andrewcharman-williams.bandcamp.com or https://soundcloud.com/andrew-charman-williams and https://soundcloud.com/spiral-net or https://spiral-net.bandcamp.com/ for Spiral Net.